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Family Physicians (99/- )

Doctors practicing in family medicine or general practitioners

Specialist Family Physicians (10/- )

Specialist doctor practicing in family medicine

Psychiatrists (8/- )

Specialist Doctors practicing in psychiatry

Medical Specialists (14/- )

Doctors practicing in General Medicine

Surgical Specialists (15/- )

Doctors practicing in general surgery

Gyenecologists (11/- )

Doctors practicing in gyenecology and obstetrics

Dermatologists(Skin Specialists) (12/- )

Doctors practicing in dermatology(Skin Specialists)

Neurophysicians (4/- )

Specialist doctors practising in neurology(Brain diseases)

Neurosurgeons (2/- )

Specialist doctors practising in neurosurgery

Oncologists (1/- )

Specialist doctors practising in oncology(Cancer diseases)

Paediatricians (14/- )

Child specialists

Gastroentrologists (6/- )

Specialist doctors practicing in gastroentrology(Stomach diseases) and liver diseases

Sonologists (6/- )

Specialist doctors practicing in sonolgy(Ultrasound)

Radiologists (5/- )

Specialist doctors practisisng in radiology(X-rays, CT Scan, MRI etc)

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons (2/- )

Specialist doctor practising in cosmetic surgery

Paediatric Surgeons (2/- )

Specialist doctors in paediatric surgery(surgery for childern)

Dental Surgeons (5/- )

Doctors practicing in dental surgery (tooth specialists)

Hair Transplant Surgeons (-/- )

Surgeons specialized in hair transplant

Cardiologists (6/- )

Specialist doctors practicing in heart diseases

Pulmonologists (3/- )

Doctors practicing in T.B. and chest diseases

E.N.T. Specialists (7/- )

Doctors practicing in Ear, Nose and Throat diseases

Ophthalmologists (2/- )

Doctors practicing in eye diseases

Anaesthetists (19/- )

Doctors specialised in making patients pain free or unconscious safely during operations

Haematologists (-/- )

Specialist doctors practicing in blood diseases

Pathologists (2/- )

Doctors specialist in diagnostic laboratory procedures

Urologists (3/- )

Specialist doctor practicing in urinary tract problems

Nephrologists (1/- )

Specialist doctor practicing in kidney function diseases

Orthopaedic Surgeons (1/- )

Specialist doctor practicing in bones and joints diseases

Rheumatologists (-/- )

Specialist doctor practicing in painful joint disases

Sexologists (3/- )

Specialist doctor practicing sexual dysfunctions

Endocrinologist (2/- )

Specialist doctors practicing in hormonal disorders and glands

Other specialities (6/- )

OtherSpeciality not listed above

Aviation Medicine Specialists (1/- )

Specialty dealing with pilots and aeronauts

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